Minneapolis, MN

BRICK EXECUTIVE SEARCH is partnering with the world’s largest maker of cut-and-sew knits. We have an opportunity for an Experienced Sales Executive who has sold to TARGET (even better if the candidate has also worked for Target).

Sales market: Expand/develop the U.S. market, drawing orders from Target.

*Sales Management: Lead Sales team & Overseas corp.

  • Responsible for overall Sales network and communications
  • Managing sales teams and maintaining sales operations
  • Outlining and managing sales budgets
  • Setting quarterly and annual sales goals and motivating the sales teams to achieve their goals
  • Boost sales by utilizing connection buyers/subcontractors
  • Establish/grow a sales team that specializes in Fashion marketing & sales
  • Develop/inject expertise in manufacturing, designing, and developing Buyers’ garments
  • Coordinate with business development and marketing managers to drive growth and achieve all targets and for Sales, ODM and OEM channels
  • Analyze and identify opportunities to secure new businesses from OEM customer base and optimize profit and increase revenues

*Sales Strategy: Plan Sales goals from a company-wide perspective

  • Assess and develop sales strategy, focusing on Fashion and Trends.
  • Assist the company’s investment plans regarding the facility, system, personnel, and/or overseas
  • Strategizing and implementing operational and structural changes with other senior executives


  • 15 years or above experience
  • SVP or above final position
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure company growth and stability.
  • Ability to network with Target’s Top Managements
  • Experienced and skilled in apparel sourcing