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Our focus is CONSUMER PRODUCTS. We search for talented experts who can drive business from concept though production . From sourcing the raw materials to being accountable for the sale of the finished product.


Ms. Brick understands people drive success within any organization. As a senior level retail/wholesale industry leader with a significant track record of success driving change and innovation in the business, Hope Brick is relentless when it comes to crafting teams that drive sales and earnings for her clients.

It is Hopes keen understanding that crafting the right team leaders  is the most significant way to drive sales and earnings for companies. Ms. Brick makes it her mission to uncover top-caliber talent who can lead initiatives and drive success. Highly knowledgeable about the retail and wholesale industries across all categories of soft and hard lines, she works with urgency and delivers on the promise of her clients’ brands and businesses.

Hope has enjoyed a very significant career in the retail/wholesale Industry. Beginning her career with RH Macy, she then positioned herself for success with May Department Stores . Holding vice president roles for three operating companies including May Department Stores International where she led design. Hope was later tapped to be an Officer and VP Creative Director for Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. She then was sought after to be the first ever Chief Merchandising Officer for Kellwood. Her ( along with her teams)  turnaround of the brands product. She  won National Media on news outlets as well Full-Page Coverage in Women’s Wear Daily.  Hope continued to grow her career by joining Lane Bryant, where her passion for the plus consumer was fulfilled. She was a critical player in defining the brand for women with curves.

It is Ms. Brick’s  passion for PRODUCT, PEOPLE and the CUSTOMER that drives her to be an influential force for her clients. Because of her track record of success in the industry she loves, Hope will, without a doubt, produce the talent that can deliver on the promise of any retail business. Her clients  and candidates trust her.

Hope is a Portfolio Critic for the FSF (Fashion Scholarship Fund) and is a judge of students’ work from all of the TOP FASHION SCHOOLS in the country. She also works with The Fashion School of Kent State University, where you can often find her lecturing.